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Need to stock up on the Food

by Jess

As a mom I want to make sure my little one as well as my family is going to be ok when not if something happens.  By happens this could mean that theres a snow storm and the power if off for a few days.  At this point think of what is in your pantry – Do you have enough food and water to sustain you for like 5 days straight without going to the store?? Most probably don’t.  We live from grocery store visit to grocery store visit with our food supply.  Which is why each time there is a threat of a few inches of snow theres  a rush on the bread, milk and egg isles at the grocery store.  I will admit at this point my stock is lacking.  My excuse currently is space.  We are still in our starter home (outgrew that fast once the little guy was born) so there isn’t much space to store food here.  Once we move into our new house the Mama is stocking up!! By stocking up I don’t mean for the 5 day power outage.  If you are interested in starting to stock up on your food supply check out her site is awesome, has a great area for starters and has been featured all over the prepper world.

Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!


I love purses!

by Jess

I love purses – If you know me then you know that I have a closet for my purses and I can sell lots at a garage sale each year and not put a dent in my purse hoard.  Anyways some day, some day,  I would love to open a purse boutique.  I think that would be awesome, fun and right up my ally as my dream job away from the world of preparedness (I love the world of preparedness so the purse idea must be pretty awesome).  Anyways that way off in the future and just a thought at this moment.

My question is…How in the heck do you find reliable distributors or wholesalers for purchasing purses?? I’m thinking I would like to sell a small lot of inventory at my moms studio or just to some close friends.  But I don’t want to sell crap, I don’t buy crappy cheap purses so I don’t want to sell them.

Any hints suggestions or ideas on where I can find a reliable distributor please let me know!!


Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!

Emergency Kit

by Jess

I have been thinking of writing an emergency kit post for awhile now.  Basically since I opened this blog the words emergency kit have been on my mind.  This article will detail a “quick kit” not a detailed and sustainable emergency kit.  Nothing that is expected to sustain you for 2 weeks but something that we can throw together quickly now with a small bit of money or items that we currently have around the house so that we are prepared now.

3 Day Quick Kit

  • Water – 1 gallon per person per day.  Expect to have a 1/2 gallon for personal hygiene and food preparation and a 1/2 gallon for drinking per person.  Also think about what your pets might need in terms of water as well.
  • Food – Non perishable – easy to prepare (don’t forget a spare can-opener).  You can keep rotating your supply of canned goods, dry mixes and other staple items on your shelves.
  • If you have a baby – Make sure you have their supplies stocked up. Extra large can of formula that you replace every other week when you run out of your open can and just always have one or two as a backup.  Diapers and baby food.
  • Flash Light
  • Extra Batteries
  • Battery Radio – Put on your shopping list a NOAA weather radio.
  • First Aid kit – They sell these little things all over the place.
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items – AKA – TAMPONS Ladies!!! Wouldn’t want to be snowed in during a blizzard and have Aunt Flo come knocking on your door!! Stock up after each visit at-least have a box in reserves!!
  • Family Emergency Contact info.  If your cell phone dies do you know your moms number? Maybe you know your moms but do you know your uncles or your grandma’s?? Keep a current and up to date list of your families phone numbers. (P.S. I know that if our cell phones have died many of us have lost connection to the outside world. This is why you should purchase the NOAA weather radio, they will keep you up to date on what is going on.)
  • Maps of your area!! Google Earth and MapQuest might not be assessable to you.  If you have a GPS then your car will take care of the charging for you.  It is a good idea to have a map of your area so that if roads are blocked by debris or barricades you can figure out how to get to where you need to go.
  • Pet Food!!
Here is a bit more info on the NOAA Weather Radio.  I believe that every home should have one of these. From the NOAA site: “Working with the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Emergency Alert System , NWR is an “All Hazards” radio network, making it your single source for comprehensive weather and emergency information. In conjunction with Federal, State, and Local Emergency Managers and other public officials, NWR also broadcasts warning and post-event information for all types of hazards – including natural (such as earthquakes or avalanches), environmental (such as chemical releases or oil spills), and public safety (such as AMBER alerts or 911 Telephone outages).”
This is a quick kit list it is not inclusive but will get you started so you have all of your supplies in one spot.  I will be adding to my emergency kit series within the next few weeks.  I hope this short list has given you some ideas on how you can prepare for being snowed in or stranded at the house for a few days.  
If you have any items or suggestions please feel free to share!  
Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!



Power Outage

by Jess

Yesterday our power went out for a few hours. I never found out why it went out but it

Photo by: digitalart

was not weather related.  I got the big eye roll from my husband when i said “OK well if this were a disaster situation….” that comment often gets eye rolls in this household.  I think my passion for preparedness and worst case scenario thinking annoys him, or it could have been that no power meant no xbox ;) .

Anyways if it had been a disaster situation (feel free to roll eyes, I cannot see you there for my feelings cannot be hurt) we would have filled the tub with water for toilet flushing or drinking water (bleach and boiling/straining the water before use).  For food we would have first ate what was in the fridge, then the freezer, then the cupboard, and the the dog (just kidding, lol).  For heat we have a gas fireplace and a gas stove.

One thing that I thought of was boredom.  It’s amazing how reliant we are on technology, the Internet and TV that when those items are not an option you just kinda go hmmmm what to do what to do.  So to avoid this I have some puzzles, cards and boardgames to keep boredom at bay.

Photo by: digitalart

It was just really interesting to sit and thing of what my family would do if we had no power for a few days.  In my area during our winters with the ice storms and potential blizzards this is very very possible.


Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!

Child ID Kit

by Jess

We had a great weekend!! We went to my husband’s company picnic.  While there we were able to fill out a child ID kit, very cool.  They put on what feels like a mini carnival just for us.  They have 10 if not more huge blow up jumping obstacle things, that my 2 year old son absolutely loved.  They had a whole huge pole barn full of kid games and another pole barn with pony rides.  There is all you can eat Schwann’s ice cream, elephant ears, cotton candy.  All you can drink beer on tap, soda on tap, etc. They give away, via raffels, $10,000 worth of cash prizes. We had so much fun.  It was amazing.

I was really impressed that at the picnic they had a free Child ID booth.  The preparedness mama in me came out and was super excited to see that.  I waited in line filled out my paper work and now have 2 little laminated ID’s of my son.  They took his digital fingerprints.  He smiled really goofy, he is at a really hard smile stage.  I have plenty of photo’s though if we ever need them. The company told me they have DNA kits as well that they can use to get your child’s readings. I’m just really excited that we had the opportunity to get his finger prints in a system. If something ever happens, I have pictures, I didn’t have finger prints to share.

Here is a great website that you an use as a reference on all things Child ID!!   It looks like they have fingerprint kits as well as DNA do it yourself kits.

The authorities recommend keeping an updated child ID card with you at all times, giving them to all child care provider, daycare, grandparents, etc.

Here is a site for a free safety kit.  I have not used it (probably will sign up for it though) but I thought I would share.  It also has information on assisting you talk to your children about prevention of abduction, which is very important.  Stranger, Danger.  Very interesting site – I learned a lot.

  • Asking for help when no trusted adult is nearby.
  • Unacceptable adult behaviors that can threaten children.
  • Recognizing dangerous situations.
  • Ways to respond to dangerous situations and keep safe.

I highly recommend participating in the booth’s that your counties sheriff department’s hold during fairs or festival’s to ID and finger print your child.  Plan on jumping in line every year, so you always have an updated child ID.

Have you ever filled out a child ID kit for your toddler?


Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!

Fire Safety for Toddlers

by Jess

As a mother fire safety for toddlers in my home is very important to me.  My husband and I will literally lay in bed at night and discuss fire safety for toddlers and how we would evacuate the house if there were to be a fire. We discuss how we would get our son W out as quickly as possible.  This Fire safety for toddlers conversation honestly happens at-least every other month.  I have researched some advice on fire safety for toddlers that I would like to share with you other concerned mamas out there.

First of all you should know that the U.S. Fire Administration states “A child the age of 5 and younger is twice as likely to die in a residential fire than the rest of the population”.  For me that definitely put some urgency to the topic as my child is 2.  Escaping a fire can be very difficult for children as they will be very scared and will not understand what is going on. Fire safety for toddlers is very important to us all!!

At my house my husband and I have an agreed upon evacuation route from our bedroom, so that we can get to W as soon as possible in case of a fire.  It is recommended that you have 2 evacuation routes from each room in your house!! Some of these will be easy as a room might be close to an exit but others you will need to definately think about the routes you are planning and factor in your child might not be in the same room as you when the fire starts.  I think the best way to discuss your evacuation routes with a toddler is to draw an easy floor plan of your home then draw the evacuation routes in a dashed line.  Have your toddler trace the line with a fun crayon.  Then crawl through your home with your toddler talking about how to evacuate the house incase there is a fire from each room.  I say crawl because they need to know that standing while evacuating a smoky home is not safe.  If they crawl they are more likely to get out of the house with less smoke inhalation.  So have them pretend that there is smoke above them and that they need to crawl under it.  Also teach them that they should not open a door until they have felt that door first.  Pretend that some doors are hot hot hot because the fire is behind it so they will have to go back and find the alternate evacuation route instead.  Practicing these skills could save lives!!

Have an outside meeting spot that is a safe distance from your home.  When I was little our evacuation safety spot was at the edge of our 1.5 acre property next to a shed.  This is where the family will meet if there is ever a house fire.  Tell your toddlers where to go and make sure they know to never re-enter the burning house.  It is also a good idea to make your neighbors aware of your evacuation safety spot so they will know where to immediately look for you in the event of your house being on fire.  They will more than likely be the first ones on scene.

Next you should explain what you should do when you hear the smoke alarm go off.  The U.S. Fire Administration states that “Sleeping children typically do not respond effectively to a smoke alarm”.  This seems logical but is definitely not something that I have considered.  So I would suggest sounding the alarm during your practice crawl through evacuation of the fire.  This way your toddler will associate the sound of the fire alarm to the thought process of get out of the house.

You should keep your child’s and everyone’s bedroom doors closed at night.  This is something that most of us probably do not do, we keep them open so that our toddlers can waddle into our rooms or so we can easily hear them at night.  The bedroom door will be used as a temporary barrier for the smoke and inhalation of the smoke, which may give the fire fighters more time to get your child out of the burning house safely.

One of the main things that we should do is talk to our toddlers about firemen.  We need to explain to them what they look like during a fire and let them know that they are there to rescue them and take them to their mommy and daddy.  I can only imagine how scary they could look to a little one with the background of huge flames or dark smoke.  Take your toddler to a fire station so they can see a real fireman up close and understand that they will come to rescue them and take them back to mommy and daddy.

I like the motto of the U.S. Fire Administration – Prepare. Practice. Prevent the Unthinkable.  I hope you will be able to take some of this information and prepare your family.

Do you have any fire safety tips that you use to educate your toddler, if so please share them with us.


Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!



Pull Ups

by Jess

Today I had to travel a bit for work. Typically the farthest I have to travel is to a county that is about an hour and forty-five minutes away, no big deal. Today I had to go to the capital, for a preparedness meeting. Our states capital is about 3 hours away from my home, trip is easily made in a day, no big deal.
So I arranged for my sister F to keep my son W. My morning went great. I had his breakfast cooked and ready for him before he even woke up this morning.  He started my day out with my favorite little call out “mama, I up” from his crib. So I swooped W up gave him as many hugs and kisses as he would let me, fed him and kept getting ready.  I packed his toy bag and his extra clothes/pull-up bag. Everything was going great. We drove to my sister’s house I strapped W’s car seat into her car in case she needed to leave the house, hugged my little guy and was on my way.
About 10 minutes later I recieved a phone call from my sister. I forgot to give her the bag of pull-ups and extra clothes!! See it dosent matter how prepared you are something like this always seems to happen to us mama’s!! Sure enough his little spiderman backpack packed with clothes and pull-ups was tucked neatly next to my purse on the front seat. Great!  I’m driving down the highway and there is no way I have time to turn around. She is on her own. In the world of preparedness we call this YOYO, Your on your own.
So F took W to the dollar store down the road to grab some cheap replacement pull-ups as well as 8, $1 dinosaurs that he would not let her leave the store without (she indulges him way to much, but that’s another story).  Fast forward through what was I’m sure a super fun filled day with Auntie F to about 6:30pm when I picked W up.  We are at the Nitro, I have already loaded the all of his little belongings as well as strapped the car seat in place and this is the conversation that followed.  F “he wouldn’t go potty for me after his nap.” Me as I’m holding him “Oh that’s OK I’ll take him when we get home.” W “Uh oh mama.” Me “Umm I’m soaked and there’s water running down W’s leg???” F “What!!” Me “He just peed on me!!” Me “He peed right thru that dollar store pull up, I’m soaked!!” Luckily I had that little spider-man bag packed with extra clothes so we went inside and washed W up.   Unluckily I did not have any extra clothes so guess what mama had to drive home with a peed on leg, yep this one! Nice!
Lesson learned-stick with what you know!! When my little guy has a full bladder and is being a stinker and will not sit on the potty, I need a good pull up to back this mama up!!

Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!

Kinda prepared for being a mom!!

by Jess

Today I was informed by my husband that my blog name was “dumb”. He does not think it gives the impression that I know what I am talking about in terms of preparedness because it says I’m kinda prepared. So I thought I would write this post to inform him of how I came up with the name.
As a preparedness professional I thought I could prepare for anything, that thought went by the way side the instant I first laid eyes on my son. I was not prepared for the instant overwhelming love I would feel. I was not prepared for the instant connecting bond we would form. I was not prepared for the feeling of “what do I do now, or does he come with instructions” the moment the nurse handed him to me along with my discharge papers outside of the hospital. I was not prepared for the morning I went in to wake him up and found poo smeared all over his crib, his little body and his walls, wearing nothing but a smile. Since I have become a mother I have only kinda been prepared for the little moments that life brings you so that is why Mama’s Prepared…Kinda fits me so perfectly.
So hunny, do you still think my blog name is “dumb”? ;)
Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!

Growing Pains

by Jess

Like I mentioned in my previous post I develop and exercise preparedness plans, currently for bio-terrorism and previouly for business continuity. I love the world of preparedness. I am really good at what I do (a bit bold I know but thats how I feel). I try my best to use all of my trainings in my day to day world as a mom. Im not sure yet what direction I want to take this blog, so please stay with me through my growing pains.

I am thinking up some posts that revolve around the topics of fire safety (how to speak to your children about home fires), neighborhood help (do you know if one of your neighbors might have a generator or other helpful supplies during a power outage in the dead of winter), baby/toddler go kit for your vehicle (supplies in my Nitro that saves me when I forget the necessities)
And much more to come!! I just have to get over my shyness of putting my thoughts out here!!
Mamas Prepared…Kinda

Hello world!

by Jess

First of all let me introduce myself. I’m Jess and I’m new to blogging. I have alot of ideas and as I learn how to put those ideas on here, this blog will improve. So it is basically a WIP-work in progress.
My intentions for this site is to blog about my experiences as a working mom as well as the disaster preparedness world that I work in.

Mama’s Prepared…Kinda!!

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